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Introduction  Atomic Pollution
is a one man anarcho punk band 100 % D.I.Y. So don't expect that polished, soul-sucked sound. A.P. is anti-authority ,anti-capitalism, anti-war, anti-fascist/racist... . Striving for a better world.
Power is poison, destroy power not people !!!
I hope you enjoy my music and art work which is available for free download as a big fuck off to greedy bastards .
A.P. started in 2009 and does NOT perform live
C.R.A.P. (Creative Reading Atomic Pollution)
is a page done by Atomic Pollution (D.I.Y. Anarcho Punk) to support/promote the 'real' international Anarcho/DIY community & its values
Our blog page helps the DIY community with info on bands/projects/zines/distros & all aspects of DIY culture.
If you would like to be featured on our blog then email : crapziness (A) gmail (dot) com

Support the DIY scene and fuck the greedy bastards
Action not fashion // Punk not profit
THNX to all who support us !!!