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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Superhero/Media Darling
Location Legion of Super Dudes Compound, Ohio, United States
Introduction Graduate of The University of Akron, Graduate of California State University (HUX)
Interests Fighting Crime, Making Movies, Fighting Crime, opening new Megaton Burgers franchises, Fighting Crime, making new episodes of Megaton Maynard and his Amazing Friends cartoons, Fighting Crime, media mogul, HUX, ATI
Favorite Movies Megaton Maynard 1: Hero to the Masses, Megaton Maynard 2: Maynard Strikes Back, Megaton Maynard 3D: Bedtime for V.I.L.E, Megaton Maynard 4: Maynard Saves Christmas, Megaton Maynard 5: Five Ways to to Skin the Smiling Tiger, Megaton Maynard 6: Pulverize U, Megaton Maynard 7: Maynard Saves Arbor Day, Megaton Maynard 8: Crush -- Kill -- Annoy, Megaton Maynard 9: Parallel Q-Niverse, Megaton Maynard 10: Knuckle Sandwich for Lunch, Megaton Maynard 11: The Spy who Smashed Me, Megaton Maynard 12: Burn Baby Burn -- The Disco Inferno, Megaton Maynard 13: Red, White, and Huge, Megaton Maynard 14: Bollywood and Crime, Megaton Maynard 15: The Passion of the Maynard
Favorite Music Nirvana, The Doors, Rob Zombie, Alice in Chains
Favorite Books Megaton Maynard: The Smell of Fear, Harry Potter, anything by Donald Barthelme, Kurt Vonnegut, Robert E Howard, or Hunter Thompson, Fugitive Pieces (great book - check it out)