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Occupation meandering philosopher
Location Gotham City
Introduction SUMMARY: a young woman predisposed to over-anylize. drives her a bit crazy but then, we're all mad here. CONDITION: afflicted with an oversized heart and a severe case of the crazies HANDELING INSTRUCTIONS: approach with caution, do not leave unattended, avoid sharp objects, DO NOT PROVOKE. to neutralize; flatter extensively until rendered calm. DANGEROUS?: you bet your ass MARITAL STATUS: hopelessly in love, jeez can't you read? DATE OF ADMITTENCE: 8/1/08 DATE OF RELEASE: N/A
Interests psychology, philosophy
Favorite Movies Dark Knight, Hanibal Lector trillogy, Magnolia, Fight Club, I heart Huckabees
Favorite Music Rock, or anything else that's good
Favorite Books the prophet

You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?

the random question generator on this thing is rediculous.