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Industry Arts
Occupation sculptor/artist
Introduction Surreal painter/sculptor inspired by old master methods,deep significance with nature,natural media and ear tuned for spirit.
Interests Art, sculpting, RPGs, fantasy, sci fi, horror, surrealism, antiques especialy leather bound books, brocade, velvet, childrens books, wooden bowls, worn scrub brushes and ambrotypes, zori, Fairy tales, Real fae lore, herblore, myths, lapidary magic and lore, Shamans, classic nude photography, Art nouveau, Queen Anne's, Fortuny, folk art, make do's, tree huggin, Prims, geneology, Bio technology, cloning, Vampire history, Steampunk, retro futurism, corsetry, chinese foot binding, japanese boro, BJD, mummies, biblical archeology, unburried reliques, bog men, celtic culture, knotted waxed linen, ancient pagans, Body modifications/scarifications etc, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery, gynoids, conscious watercrystals, bones, connissuer tea, beetles and praying mantids, Ethnogens, Symbols, Archtypes, dreams, Assemblage, Old time radio, Automata, bees, the universe, OBE's, The sea, Gormet salt, Cahokia, inuit, maori, oceanianic, altered art, fiber art, czech buttons and tales. Russian lacquer, Urushi, scientific studies on the power of the mind. Rackham, Harry Clarke, PreRaphelites, tinners hares
Favorite Movies Oh lemme think. ..So many, but it depends on the mood. When I feel sad I watch "road to morroco" monsieur boucaire, my favorite brunette.. sucker for Bob Hope..or a sweetly sentimental anime. beautiful yet ugly world, Spirited away, Labyrinthe of flames Any kind of sci fi fantasy and some classic horrors that arnt lame-iosious. Some tidbits Dune, blade runner, Alien, Predator, 28days later, Lord of the rings, Labyrinthe, city of lost children, Logans Run, hellboy II, The birds, The birds and the bees, Them!, day of the triffids, ghost in the shell innocence, , A wind named amneisia, Ergo proxy, Lain, Weathering continent, Sherlock Holmes 1950's version, O brother where art thou', interveiw with a vampire, Bram stokers dracula, Practicle magic, dangerous Liasons, Baron munchausen, Shaun of the dead, ace ventura pet detective, the wizard of Oz, Beloved, Inmortales, The promise, The ring, Nightwatch, Nightbreed, Beetlejuice, The little princess, Kama Sutra, Dark Crystal, Sin city, dark city, The matrix, planet of the apes(original), Edward scissorhands, Tideland, Pan's Labyrinthe, Excalibur, , mad max thunderdome, The last man on earth(Vincent Price)The stand, Carnival of lost souls, South pacific, Vertigo, Cube, Bringing up baby, Harry Potter, Im sure theres alot more Im forgetting.
Favorite Music theme from "love story" in a music box. Antenne, Portishead, Nirvana, Tool, Massive Attack, Linkin park, Garbage, Otep, Puddle of mud, mars volta, Led Zepplin, Cream, Cold, Robin Trower-bridge of Sighs, Mondo exotica, Gordon lightfoot, America, , Straight linestitch, Silent hill soundtracks, Colleen, blind divine, folk and neo folk, big band, trip hop, old gospel, extreme/industrial, alternative rock, odd singer song writer chicks, electronica, ambient, classic rock, hearts in space, disco funk, mondo exotica, thistle and shamrock, stark, old timey bluegrass
Favorite Books secret books of Paradys Tanith Lee Lyoness by Jack Vance Mists of Avalon

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

Carry me thither and I will be your eyes.