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Introduction I'm a musician and music writer. My agendas in my writing are: 1) To favour the local, the unknown, the unsigned, the creative, the experimental, the progressive, the weird, the freak, the outcast and the stuff I love regardless of whether it fits any category or not. 2) To treat popular music with the same respect usually reserved for classical music, by treating it as serious artistic endeavour, applying close musical analysis where time permits, and using the correct language to describe it, without shying away from musicological terms or patronising my readers by simplifying them. 3) To always give everyone I review a fair crack of the whip, and to respect the fact that their music is their heartfelt, and lovingly developed project, giving it an impartial assessment, and constructive criticism, even if it sounds generic to me on first listening, and even if I've just reviewed half a dozen bands that sound similar. To always hunt for the unique in everything I hear, and if I really, truly can't find anything good to say, to shut the f*** up. 4) To write as well as I can, and to put as much effort into composing good prose as we all put into making good music.