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Location Rishon, Israel
Introduction I am a 26 year old new Mum living in Israel with my Hubby and baby boy.I grew up on a farm in VA where people had down home Southern values and the village really did raise the child.I believe in bare feet, garden veggies, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, reading to your children, singing, home cooked meals at sit down dinners, family beds, and fresh air.I hope one day to change the world for the better, and if I cannot before I die, to raise my child in a way that inspires him to promote positive change. I also hope for little things, like being able to take a shower and walk around for an hour without having puke in my hair, or for my husband to pick up his socks, or to have my boobs to myself for long enough for a nap some days:).This blog will be an honest account of my life.I have strong opinions and strong beliefs and I do not sway easily.I certainly hope for the people who read this that it is entertaining, informative sometimes, provocative sometimes, but generally enjoyable. If there is subject matter on here that does not appeal to you or that you find offensive, please accept my invitation to find a different place for your reading enjoyment.With that said, Enjoy:)