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Introduction I remember my first pack of trading cards and trying to figure out what a Nugget was and why they had rainbow colors. I remember learning that you had to tag up after a flyout in kickball instead of baseball. My career in sports was like that of the Los Angeles Clippers with wins few and far between. My first season of Little League Majors when I was 10 my team, aptly named the Twins, went a disasterous 0-21. I think it was there my true love for sport truly blossomed. You see to me it was about foul balls, getting dirty, and wearing my uniform all day. It was about summer nights under the lights and building bonds with teammates. It was about pickles and pepper. It was about sunflower seeds and bubblegum. I guess for me today it still is those things. Behind the million dollar contracts, the lawsuits and the lockouts, we still have the diamond, friday nights on the gridiron, and the squeaking of the hardwood floor. There is still the roar of the crowd, beer and hot dogs, slapshots and slam dunks, sudden death and shootouts. And through it all there is still a kid who wants to play the game everyday, even though he didn't win a game all season.