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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Author
Location Sydney, Australia
Introduction I'm the author of a murder mystery series set in Classical Greece, starring Nicolaos, the elder brother of Socrates. Nicolaos walks the mean streets of the ancient cities of the Mediterranean, dealing with assassins, beautiful priestesses, politicians, spies, mercenaries, courtesans, playwrights, thieves, flute girls, and far too many philosophers. Why Classical Athens? Because it was a city no larger than a modern small town, that produced at least eight geniuses and founded Western civilisation. So not only do you get to read a fun mystery, you also get to watch history as it's being made. When he’s not writing, Gary and his wife Helen go ice dancing. His greatest claim to skating fame is having dropped an Olympic skater…twice. Any fool can drop his wife; try doing it to a professional. Gary is an average guitar player (he loves his Strat) and a strong chess player. Gary has one wife, two girls, four guinea pigs, and about six thousand books. Since he’s the only male in the household he is, of course, the one in charge.
Interests Ice Dance, Guitar, Chess, Classical Greece, Writing