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Location United States
Introduction I'm a resident alien; opinionated mother of three and wife of one. I'm a Jewish Mormon of Polish/ Russian/ Ukrainian descent, who grew up in DK and resides in the USofA. I like laughing. And I occasionally cry. I love my family; children, husband, parents, sibling(s), in-laws and all. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who knew I'd mess up and still allowed me to get to Earth and learn from my mistakes. I am at an age where I should probably know myself, but I am still learning about me....Isn't life an exciting (and at times frightening) adventure?
Interests photography, books, books, books (I really like reading!), gardening, interior decorating, traveling...Wait - was this a list of things I'd like to learn and do if I had the time and money?
Favorite Movies Fried Green Tomatoes, Lord of the Rings, Den Eneste Ene, Testaments, Dirty Dancing, Jane Austen (the BBC series)...
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Tamora Pierce Books, Cornelia Funke Books, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Laura Ingalls Wilder, this list could go on...I really love books!