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Industry Military
Occupation Wife and Mom
Location Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Introduction This blog is formerly known as The Hormann's... we're still the Hormann's but because I am the one doing all the blogging... well I figured I could name this what I want right?! My two favorite words are Puddle and Grace. Some days I feel like I have given my all and there isnt one more ounce of strength left. Its then that I have to surrender to the fact that I am human and cant rely on just my strength. I have a wonderful God who gives me the grace to find more strength and encouragement... sometimes however He just asks me to sit and be still and at those times I have to cry and let things out... so I become a Puddle of Grace! Now, back to the family. We are an Army family and are currently in Colorado! To date we have lived in CA,IL,GA,WA,KS,CO and Germany... some places more than once! I have known my husband for 18 years and we have been married almost 16 of those years. He has been in the army since 1990! This blog will serve mostly to keep our extended friends and family updated and hopefully provide enough pictures for the Grandparents to feel like the kids are relatively close! (like there could ever be enough pictures!)
Interests I am a self taught quilter... so anything dealing with quilts is an interest to me. I also love to collect old Military Hymnals and various other old military books. I love primitive/americana junk!!!! I also love our flag... you'll find lots of it in my home!

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

Guess you're going to have to wait until the turtle comes completely out of it's shell to find out!!