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Gender MALE
Industry Automotive
Occupation Engineer
Location Novi, Michigan, United States
Introduction I'm a multifaceted person with many interests. I Love the First Parents with all my heart. Always enjoy a good book and talking at great length about the deeper things in life. A good MUG of coffee (keep those foo-foo cups to yourself thank you). I enjoy camping, hiking, and fire. I am Witch of the Old Ways, not to be confused with Wicca, Neo-Paganism or New Age. I'm Always interested and excited about meeting other Witches as well as those of the Wicca Path for conversation and other activities. I enjoy going to and participating in Pagan events and love it when I see the creative and original ideas of other witches that don't necessarily fit in with the "norm". I hate TELEVISION!!! The News...how depressing! Drama. Nascar (who thought of this? Let's hang 'em) . Televangelists. Evangelists. Anyone who knocks on my door wanting to "save my soul". Politicians. Crowds. Mornings. Winter without snow. Summer without sun.
Interests Magic., Divination., Walking the Hedge., Numerous things not acceptable to society., Oh and there's this beautiful brunette... uh... never mind.
Favorite Movies Anything with Robin Williams or Johnny Depp. Nothing with Barbera Streisand.
Favorite Music Rush... Led Zeppelin... Zebra... Black Sabbath... Sheesh, anything mid to late 60's, the 70's and the 80's... Am I showing my age yet?
Favorite Books Does it have pictures?