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Occupation Radiologic Technologist
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Introduction Hi, my name is Rebecca! I'm a small town girl from rural North Dakota. I love simple things like watching the sun set, gentle rains, soft pillows, hot showers, sweet kisses, and good home-cooked meals! I'm happily married to my husband, Danny, since June 2007. He's my best friend in the world! The reason I started this blog was so that I had a place voice my feelings. A place to tell our story. Maybe this will give some people inspiration, maybe it will entertain some, or maybe people will just bypass it all together. It doesn't matter to me. Read as you wish and take from it what you will....this is first and foremost, a place for me. A place to speak my heart. ----To read the beginning of our story and to learn the inspiration behind this blog, you will have to go back to the first post in March, 2010