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Gender Female
Occupation SAHM
Location Tn
Introduction A 25 yr. old stay at home mom (SAHM) that has a passion for all things healthy. I live just outside of Nashville in the town I grew up in. I have one beautiful little girl and a great husband. I enjoy cooking them healthy meals, taking care of them but also myself. I am crazy about oatmeal, peanut butter, eggs (not necessarily all together), working out and shopping! What I Eat: Extra-Lean Proteins Fish Bison Chicken Breasts Crab Egg Whites Elk Extra Lean Ground Turkey, Chicken, or Beef (at least 95% lean) Protein Powder Lean pork tenderloin Shrimp Tuna Turkey Breasts Complex Carbs Beans (black,red, brown) Brown Rice Ezekiel Bread Whole wheat wraps Oats Oat Bran Hot Cereal Quinoa Rice Cakes (sometimes after work outs) Tortillas (corn, rice, or spelt) Wheat Bran (FULL of fiber, perfect for low carb plans) Yams Things I Avoid: High fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, white flours, fake sugars, to much sugar, Healthy Fats: Natural Nut butters with no added oil Almonds Avocados Coconut Oil Flax Seeds Flax Oil EVOO and all the fruit and veggies I can get my hands on
Interests Eating Healthy, Lifting Weights, Cooking, Being with Family, Being a mom, Shopping