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Industry Government
Occupation Health
Location just far enough outside of DFW, Texas, United States
Introduction I like decorating and organizing (and attempt it on a slim budget), and usually drag poor Rob along for the ride. We live in a builder-beige spec home just outside of town. It's our first home, and way more than we ever thought we would've been able to afford...But like many new construction houses, it needed some personality when we moved in. We paint or decorate when we have the money and time – which is never often enough for me, but I make it work with teeny, secret trips to TJ Maxx and Target! We also try to cook most of our meals at home, and eat as 'clean' as possible, so I'll drop some recipes on here every now and then. And I love putting outfits together, so I’ll probably share pics of that here and there. Basically, this is my outlet for sharing whatever with.. whoever may stumble upon this blog. (And yes, I know that’s supposed to be “whomever” … but no one talks like that!)
Interests Decorating, cleaning, finding new uses for things, doing things inexpensively, hanging out with the hubs (Rob: the rediculously good looking man-boy that, like Huey says, I'm so happy to be stuck with), corralling the pets (Pepper the bull-in-a-china-shop Aussie, and Layla the whiney-but-lovey Maine Coon kitty), riding bikes, learning how to cook (work in progress), working in the yard, and anything else I can get done on the side. Oh, and shopping at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx. (Rob knows I'm a maxonista, and loves to work in maxx puns when I bring home bags from that place)

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

Buh-LOG-na. Alternative pronounciation: Buh-LOWG-nee. just kidding. Who eats bologna anyway??