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Introduction Kelly M- Super Mom to two beautiful kids. Baby C is 2 months old and K is almost 2. Kelly is homeschooling, a knitting genious, and a weebit clutzy. ****************************************** Kelly T- super mom to two adorable kids. A is 15 months and I is 3. Kelly can crochet with the best of them, is a great trouble shooter, and her super power is snuggling anyone to sleep. ************************************** Libby- super mom to four cute kids. Big A is 18, Big C is 6, M is almost 3, and G is 16 months. Libby is fabulous at sewing. Her lines are as straight as they get. She also has the best crafting room in town. *************************************** Sara- super mom to the lovely Baby A, 2 months. Sara is fairly new to crafting, but is a quick learner. Everything she touches turns to gold. Sara is the nicest, most helpful person ever to hop on the internet.
Interests Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, Raising Kids, Searching for New Crafts, Spending Large Amounts of Time at JoAnns, Getting out of the House!, Having Quality Family Time.