How to Live in Paris

About me

Gender Female
Occupation The world of Finance and Tech
Location Paris, France
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Introduction "I'm writing this book of personal essays..." minus the poetic inclinations, but with a Proustian flair for run on sentences, an Ibsenian love of realism, and a Dostoyevskyian proclivity for psychoanalysis.
Interests Gothic architecture in the French style, British poetry, Russian literature, Dutch Golden Age/Flemish Baroque paintings, Realism as a movement, decadence in all it’s forms, history of any origin, the string section of an orchestra, Islamic tiles, documentaries, Hollywood pre-1950, psychoanalysis, maps, investigative books on financial crimes, automation, dark chocolate, the 1920’s, series about tech companies, non-representational/non-figurative/non-objective art, and espionage thrillers.
Favorite Movies Lust Caution, In A Lonely Place, Heat, 2 Days in Paris, The Beach, Butterfield 8, Suspicion, Cover Girl, Old School, Deconstructing Harry, Goodfellas, The Booksellers, British Period Pieces... there aren’t enough characters to list them all #Cinephile
Favorite Music That's like asking how many stars are in the sky. Forever Thom Yorke.
Favorite Books Threateningly bookish and a ferocious reader, My life goal has been to read all of the Classics (unfortunately translated), and to have a collection of them in their original languages. My first find was a 1822 copy of Goethe’s Faust in German when I was in University and now I scour markets hoping to find more. Buying them from a specialist bookshop doesn’t seem as exciting as finding an elusive copy in a random place. A few of my favorite novels are Of Human Bondage, the Witching Elm, Swann’s Way, Notes From Underground, A Doll's House, Madame Bovary, and I will read anything about history, biographies, or historically biographical.