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Introduction My last name really is Bond. In a somewhat immature attempt at humor I kept my maiden name when I got married so my title would be M.S. It says it all right there in my name (not that anyone ever picks up on it). I'm 29, female, and have Multiple Sclerosis. I've been diagnosed for 9 years but they (that's code for doctors) are pretty sure I've had it since I was 10.I danced for 15 years, fenced for four, loved hiking, climbing trees, and riding a bike. About the time I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life I found out that it was time to learn a new way to live my life. I live in rural Tennessee with my husband, our 3 cats and two dogs. I have an amazing and supportive family. My friends are the best. I have 2 canes, Alfred and Trudy and a blue wheelchair named Ezra. Anyway...this blog is about me and my buddy MS. I figure it's a good way to share some of my triumphs and some of the pain. Maybe its just a way to get my voice out there.