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Gender Female
Location United States
Introduction Writing a blog is the ultimate in narcissism. Look how awesome my life is, look how talented I am, look how fabulous my kids are. Reading a blog is the ultimate in voyeurism, the ability to measure yourself against ones awesome life, talent and kids and feel like a complete and utter success or failure. This blog is who I am, full of myself, neither full of grace or tact, bitter jaded, just somewhat human, although that has been up for debate. I do not measure up to the blogosphere. I am not a perfect mom, or wife or businesswoman. I am not a brilliantly witty fantastically gifted writer. What you will find here is very fine opinion and real life lifestyle blog that has absolutely no intention of becoming the "next big thing". This blog is collection of thoughts and actions that make up this thing called "life" and sometimes crafts and stuff.