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Introduction I was born on December 21st in 1951. Yep, that makes me 61 years young. I live with my beloved husband Ray. I reside in Orleans, having moved to the Cape years ago. Orleans is located at the elbow part of Cape Cod (that's Massachusetts for those of you that aren't from this neck of the woods). I grew up in Boston, graduated Nursing school in 1971 becoming an RN. I was educated in classical Music, from an early age, and enjoyed singing in quite a few bands (everything from Rock and Roll, to Blues, to Jazz) around the N.E. area. I divide my time between researching, lecturing, writing about, and practicing Color and Sound Attunements (done with Vocal Tonations)....and (this is the other half lol), making jewelry (and WOW do I ever make jewelry lol), cutting out wood screens, hand painting on glass, fabrics, wood and broadloom rugs. I enjoy cooking wonderful food (mostly organic cause I am into being healthy), Sound Meditation (created 3 Sound Meditation CDS so far and 2 DVD Lectures were made for TV), my wonderful friends and whatever life sorta brings me each day.
Interests I have many passions in my life. First is my Decorative and Fine Arts Business ( My work has been featured in National Magazines and Designer Showhouses. I enjoy creating Hand Cut out and Muraled Screens. I like doing Faux work and Antique restoration. I developed techniques & dyes for hand painting Broadloom. I hand paint on Glass. There is something ethereal about the way light comes thru glass. I adore making Museum Quality Artisans Jewelry and make lots of it. Another huge part of my life, is my Alternative Medicine Practice. I have been in the "Healing Arts" since 1971 and am an RN. I graduated form a prestigious Boston Nursing School in 1971, but soon discovered fixing symptoms was not for me. I then became immersed in what would become one of my lifes greatest journeys...the research and application of highly effective, non-invasive alternative therapies. I became extremely interested in how Color and Sound can be used as Healing Modalities. After 25 years of researching Color and Sound (from ancient manuscripts to modern day writings of Darius Dinshaw), I now lecture, write about, teach, and practice "Color and Sound" attunements. I have been collecting Gems and Minerals for 20 years. I adore eating great organic food. I love to cook and consider cooking an Art. I collect artifacts (Dogon, Oceanic, South American). But, the most important experiences in my life are with my Family and Friends, and my 2 Westies, Bubba and Lilli Pilli.
Favorite Movies I am into Martial Arts Films. I gave myself a laughing headache watching "Kill Bill" parts 1 and 2. Uma Kicks Butt! Jackie Chan rocks and so does Cynthia Rothrock. Laughter is always good, "Napoleon Dynamite", "Harold and Kumar", "Romey and Michelles Class Reunion" and "The Pet Detective Movies" make me laugh and laugh. Independent and Art films. And I could not live with out Classic Horror them. Sci Fi channel is my favorite. Klaus Kinski as "Nosferatu" scared me to death. The The "Hellraiser Movies" are masterpieces of the Macabre. My new favorite movie is "The Curse of the Golden Flower"..a period piece about China.
Favorite Music I was classically trained from the age of 7 on the piano. My favorite classical music is Antiphonal Horn Music & Chamber Music (preferably on original instruments). I love Gorecki, Beethoven. Bach, Grieg, Glass, Handle and Debussey. I like dancing to James Brown, Prince, The P Funk, Chaka Khan, Rufus. On the Jazz front, its Ella, Duke, Louis A, Betty Carter, Dexter Gordon, Winton Marsalis. I enjoy everything from Balinese Gong to Aramaic Chanting. Part of my Color and Sound journey was creating 3 (so far) Sound Meditation CDS. Yoko Ono has nothing on me lol. I like Ethnic Music in its original pure form. I would love to share interesting music from around the world. Info on "Sacred Harp Music"? This was a form of Sound Meditation used to produce ecstatic states. I love Theremin Music (for those of you who have never heard the Theremin, Barbara Buchholz is the Goddess of the Theremin. You dont really PLAY the Theremin'll see). I am fascinated with Toning (using your voice to vibrate your Hue-man Hologram at a higher and higher level each day) and Chanting (same thing with words). I love Tibetan Bowls and Bells and am enamored of Digerido Music. I practice Tibetan chanting, Essene Chanting, Coptic chanting, Angelic chanting..and kind of chanting rocks. I listen to the Northern Cree. I love Chorale, name it. If it makes you vibrate..I would probably love it.
Favorite Books I wanted to pass along some "Light" summer reading to you, ...on "Color and Sound as Healing Modalities". 1) "Gem Elixers and Vibrational Healing" (volumes 1 and 2) by Gurudas. Cassandra Press, Boulder, Co. 80306 2) "The Crystalline Transmission, A Synthesis of Light", (volumes 1, 2 and 3) by Katrina Raphael. Aurora Press, POB 573 Santa Fe, N.M. 87504 3) "Sacred Sounds, Transformation thru Music and Words" by Ted Andrews. Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, MN. 55164-0383. 4) "Color Medicine, The Secrets of Color/Vibrational Healing" by Charles Klotsche c/o "The 49th Vibration, Inc. POB 371, Sedona, N.M. 86336. 5) "Light Years Ahead" (An Illustrated Guide to Full Spectrum and Colored Light in Mind, Body, Spirit Healing) Light Years Ahead Publications, Celestial Arts, Berkeley, California. 6) "Let There be Light" by Darius Dinshaw (Practical Manual for Spectro Chrome Therapy) Dinshaw Health Society, Malaga, N.J. 08328. 7) "Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia" by Darius Dinshaw. Dinshaw Health Society, Malaga, N.J. 08328 (if you're a serious practitioner # 6 and #7 are a must to have). 8) "Colour", "The Arts and Their Mission", "Knowledge of the Higher Worlds", "Lectures on the History of Art", "The Nature of Colours", "Psychology of the Arts" by Rudoph Steiner, Rudolph Steiner Press, London, ...and the Rudolph Steiner Library. 9) "The Theory of Color" by J.W. von Goethe, M.I.T.

Who I would like to meet!! Those that put Love above all else..whose "Spirit" speaks softly to them & they listen. Anyone who is Child Like. Anyone who loves to laugh & enjoys "bad jokes". I would like to meet those whose eyes reflect their God Presences..and whos quest for "The Grail" has taken them into inner space (and they liked it). My motto is "What Box"?