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Introduction I am really just a hockey fan. As a kid hockey and bbqs held a certain magic to them. I put them on a pedestal above all else. When I was really young I remember taking a bbq and cutting off one side to make a goal in the living room. The propane tank I cut in half and taped to my legs as makeshift goalie pads. I took a charcoal bag and made a catching glove out of it. My mom threw rotisserie kits at me in the living room. When she was busy I threw the kits up the stairs and caught them on the way down. My career had nothing to do with hockey after bbq college. I made my own fame in a completely different world until the lockout came and I started the blog when I felt the sport I worshipped was being thrown to the dogs. And people responded. My few contacts quickly spread to hundreds of others. People from a sport that had imploded on itself. Now I have become part of it. And it still holds a certain magic to it.