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Industry Engineering
Occupation Engineering
Location Walnut, California, United States
Introduction My interests are my life.
Interests I like, sciences, mathematics, philosophy, computers, music, tv, religion, writing stories, email, arguing and debating for truth, philosophical dialogs.
Favorite Movies All star trek, all star wars, all blade, Ghost in the Shell movies, monster movies, all shrek, mafia movies, dragonheart, eragon, all terminators, i robot, war of the worlds (old and new), time machine (old and new), planet of the apes (all old and new), the time machine (old and new), contact, pulp fiction, adam sandler movies, a beautiful mind, good will hunting, cult classics, repo man, dark star, 2001 a space oddesy, buckaroo banzai, colossus the forbin project, a clockwork orange, silent running, the day the earth stood still, metropolis (1927 / 2001), zardoz, sweet, silly and innocent, through sci-fi, dark movies, deep movies, movies with meaning and thoughts about the state of the world, Ghost in the shell, GITS SAC 2ndGig, cowboy bebop, big o, transformers, TMNT, inuyasha, futurama, jane and the dragon, naruto, digimon, storm hawks, pokemon, the angry beavers, early ren and stimpy, the outer limits (old and new), twilight zone (old and new), all star treks, all stargate, babylon 5, CSI, law and order, house, monk, cartoons, sci-fi, drama, chowder, bakugan (J = explosive munition-round), Dr. Who
Favorite Music various likes specific samples are, retro rock, 90's grunge, clutch, 70's Led Zeppelin, Punk rock, rancid, transplants, distillers, sublime, korn, incubus, jefferson airplane, STP, 7 notas 7 colores, freakdaddy, gorrilaz, NoFX, RATM, tracy ullman, David Bowie, Spacehog, kansas, billy joel
Favorite Books non-fiction, reference books, textbooks, specific samples like, Asimov foundation trilogy books, childhood's end, catcher in the rye, eragon trilogy, ordinary people, Godel Escher Bach: an eternal golden braid