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Introduction I love travelling, perhaps you guessed that,though:) Travel is amazing. For me it's THE thing that truly gives me whirly-dizzy butterflies in my stomach, and that's just in the beginning stages of planning for a trip. I love the thrill of going, and not really knowing what it is I'll be in for, so more times than not, I travel map-free. I am a published travel writer, with certification in the form of a travel writing diploma.
Interests TRAVELLING, Writing, Landscape Photography, ART, Tattoos, NIA, Camping, Algonquin, Northern Ontario, Hiking, Cooking, Singing, Cats, Kittens, Wombats, Animal rights, Animal rights activism, protesting the Canadian seal hunt, The elusive platypus, Women's issues, Women's rights, Queer issues, Feminism, Bisexuality, Human rights, Calvin and Hobbes, The sky, Storms, Scotland, The Isle of Iona, The Isle of Skye, Joy, Iceland, Pasta, Olives, Potatoes, Activism, Protesting animal testing, Backpacking, Hostelling, Independent travel, Travel writing, Zines, Self publishing, Seeing animals in their natural lands, Sheep, Mountains, Snowstorms, Thinking, Eating, laughing, READING, Concious Hip Hop, Dancehall, Kyleachin, Dublin, Glasgow, Rainbows, Dinner parties, chocolate, Naples, Pizza, The Northern Lights, Grundafjordur, Trip planning, Creating, Following my heart's desire, being aware, conscious meat eating, Female Backpackers, the colour line and by extension it's ugly cousin systemic racism, Unicorns, Dragons, female artists, Modigliani, Dr. Snuggles, HomeStar Runner, Super8 films and cameras, magick, wishing, collage art, First Nations, Great Bear Rainforest, rainstorms, Haida Gwaii, The Golden Girls, Natural animal care, hawaii
Favorite Movies Kitchen Stories, The Wizard of Oz, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Waiting for Guffman
Favorite Music Dancehall reggae, Lady Saw, Tanya Stevens, Garnet Silk, Capelton, Barrington Levy, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, The Roots, Reggae minus the homophobia, concious hip hop, mary j blige, angie stone, Kids on TV, Etta James, Yo Yo Ma
Favorite Books Farenheit 451, Momo, The Little prince

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

none at all!