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Occupation Unemployed!
Location Tempe, Arizona, United States
Introduction Hi…I’m Megan… a little about myself – An interactive installation; an experience like no other. I’d like to say IM the most traditional, non-traditionalist you'll ever meet. IM loyal to a fault. I have a quick wit and a quick temper. I have lots of grace and few friends. IM completely enchanted with the most amazing man in the world. I love apples, olives, penguins, and polar bears. I hate big crowds, social events, and fish. My social views are liberal, my politics are moderate, and my approach to english spelling and grammar is quite horrible. Other than this, IM a fully-fledged member of generation x and cynic living in a world that swings between unbelievable naivety and utter paranoia. IM learning to be happy with the hand life deals you, (even if at first it’s not what you truly wanted)... and is a quality i appreciate in others... sure, it would be nice if i could trade some of my ample coolness for a bigger rack or a pay raise, but whatcha gonna do?!?
Interests First and foremost my friends effing ROCK. The END! *~* I rock. Ask anyone. The coolest cat in Clovis, NM! I hate Clovis, but I really, REALLY love my husband (I guess you could say that's why IM here.) I've got an awesome house, surrounded by the sweet smell of cow poo. Three beautiful puppies. Bailey, Penny, and Dexter. I own a car I had to have, and hate to pay, actually, I don't own it, the bank does. I recently picked up Photography, and know absolutely NOTHING about it, but that I LOVE doing it. I've got the COOLEST friends in the world. I've got a degree that earns me 7 dollah an hr, no wait, minimum wage went up, it's now 7.50$$$ I collect TARGET cups. My dogs monthly medication exceeds my health care premium. Oh, and IM ELECTRIC! *~*
Favorite Movies My all time fav movies are Happy Feet and Corky Romano.....I also like Shallow Hal, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, Anchorman, Saving Silverman, Election, Never Been Kissed, Office Space, Super Troopers, Wedding Crashers!!!, Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, Knocked Up, You've Got Mail, You, Me, And Dupree, Little Giants, Norbit, 300, Shrek I, *EVAN ALMIGHTY* and..oh and did I mention Happy Feet!
Favorite Music This list could get terribly long but I'll limit it to my most favorite performers.......Acceptance, AFI, Alanis Morissette, Trio, All Time Low, Allister, American Hi Fi, Angels & Airwaves, Audition-The, Basement Jaxx, Billy Idol and Joel, Black Eyed Peas, Blink 182, <big>Bon Jovi, Bottom Line, Box Car Racer, Bruce Hornsby, Bullet For My Valentine, Busted, Cartel, Counting Crows, Crank Yankers, Death Cab For Cutie, Dropping Daylight, Eric Bibb, Faber Drive, Face To Face, Fallout Boy, Feeling-The, Five Times August, FM Static, Fray, Good Charlotte, Gym Class Heroes, Hawthorne Heights, Hedley, Hello-goodbye, Hippos-The, Houston Calls, I Voted For Kodo's, Ingram Hill, Jack's Mannequin, James Blunt, Jamison Parker, Jerry Seinfield, John Mayer, Jonas Brothers (Yes, I LOVE them), Juliana Theory, KT Tunstall, Lawrance Arms, Lucky Boys Confusion, Mest, MI6, Modest Mouse, Motion City Soundtrack, Nerf Herder, New Found Glory, New Radicals, No Doubt, One Republic, Panic! At The Disco, Punchline, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Relient K, Rocket Summer, Rufio, Rx Bandits, Say Anything, Second Serenade, Self Against City, Shawn McDonald, Slightly Stoopid, Snow Patrol, Starting Line-The, Stellar Kart, Summer Obsession, Transmatic, The Used, Valencia, Wakefield, Wallflowers, Wheatus, and Yellowcard!!!
Favorite Books “Final Move Beyond Iraq” by Mike Evans, “Every- body’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them” by John Ortberg, “Toilet Bowl Christianity” by Ken Freeman.