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Gender Male
Industry Religion
Introduction I was the only child of Ronald and Darlene Hull. On July 17, 1988 I watched as Michael Hayes shot and killed my father, wounded my mother, and fired the gun at me. I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the trauma I endured and for 16 years I coped with the symptoms of PTSD. Visiting numerous Psychiatrists & Psychologists, taking several medications, and making every attempt to have a normal life, nothing worked. I was miserable on the inside, there was this unquenchable void. I seemed happy to those who knew me, but I was tormented on the inside with hatred, grief, fear, and emptiness. After 16 years I surrendered and I was miraculously delivered. It has been 8 years now, and I have had no symptoms of PTSD at all. It is gone along with the grief, fear, and un-forgiveness! I have been free from all medications! And the void, well it was the empty place in my spirit that longed for God. Only He could fill it. I know what being made whole truly means now. In this eight year period I have been growing with God as he reveals more of Himself to me and more of who He made me to be; The New Me, The Delivered Me.
Favorite Music six steps
Favorite Books The Shack