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Introduction Ever since I was little, I've drawn like this. As I went through high school, I continued to draw like this, never getting any better or worse. In college I took an introductory drawing class, and learned to draw a little better than this, but once the class ended I quickly went back to drawing like this. Now that I've entered my late twenties, and it's become clear that I'm always going to draw like this and that I should just get used to the idea, I've decided to start this blog. This blog is meant to showcase some of the comics and characters that I've been creating and sketching over the years--though if I didn't put a date on each comic, it'd be pretty hard to tell what kind of time frame you were dealing with. Seriously, there is a remarkable lack of development in these drawings. Everything on here is copyright Billy Lopez. If you'd like to reprint it, let me know.