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Introduction agentesse follow our undercover special and secret agent instruction no. 1 can you help Agentesse by sending her addresses or map locations of uninhabited buildings for our operatives in the south east ? all selected buildings will be recorded and saved in the xtraOrdinary data Archiv * Agentesse is on special operations in a unidentified location in the south east. She is working for the a-Gency a top secret organisation collecting ExtraOrdinary data * Agentesse will be sent weekly missions to collect data, record locations and track enemies. She has been out of circulation for 50 years so she will need help identifying items to collect and record * Follow her missions on * And help her by tweeting data for her to collect, follow, photograph or track at!/agentesse - if she photographs something that you have suggested you will get a point * If you get 6 points you can send her on a mission and submit your photo to the special agents gallery