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Industry Arts
Occupation musician/producer/visual artist
Location Dallas, Texas, United States
Introduction I'm a one time visual artist & music critic turned experimental musician/producer and a member of the bands Vas Deferens Organization, Sound and The Pantheon Bar Vanguard. I'm also an aggressively opinionated polymath and autodidact of an occasionally misanthropic bent, but a loveable teddy bear to those I consider my peers. And that would seemingly be all of you here who care enough to ferret around in the hidden recesses and back alleys of our cultural history in search of things profound and worthy.
Interests Things that deviate from lobotomized consensus reality and give you a shock of recognition and awareness sufficient to convince you that humanity is still partially redeemable.
Favorite Movies The Holy Mountain (Jodorowsky), Sweet Movie (Makavejev), The Forbidden Zone (Elfman), Barbarella (Vadim), Eraserhead (Lynch)...there are about a million others, but those one's have had perhaps the most lasting impact...
Favorite Music My contributions to this blog should pretty much help spell that out, but here's a few bands and artists whose work has been most central in shaping what I create: Hosono & Yokoo, Asmus Tietchens/Mechthild Von Leusch, Severed Heads, Igor Wakhevitch, Tom Recchion, Nurse With Wound, Lard Free, Heldon, The Cosmic Jokers, Picky Picnic, Steaming Coils, Tuxedomoon, Jean-Pierre Massiera Bowie/Eno instrumental tracks.
Favorite Books Favorite books is too specific . How 'bout some favorite authors?: Dennis Cooper, Mark Leyner, Robert Anton Wilson, Michel Houellebecq.

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

What more could one ask for than spending quality time playing slinky with your goat in a well? Escape seems superfluous...