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Gender MALE
Location Piscataway, New Jersey, United States
Introduction I'm a college student who lives in New Jersey, I attend Rutgers university. I've been wargaming since I was 10 years ild and have been playing frequently at The only game in town since. I used to play both fantasy and 40k competitively, but with the introduction of 8th edition I've for the most part stopped playing fantasy all together. This really gave me the time to start focusing more on 40k I'm also trying to get into warmachine, with reasonable amounts of success. I've been going to 40k GT's since I was about 14 and have consistently been coming up in the top 3 since 2009. I'm here to talk about all things wargaming related, and I'd be happy to take any requests or comments or criticisms that you have.
Interests Playing games, Females, Food, Hanging out and having fun