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Industry Student
Occupation Nursing Student
Location Somewhere over the rainbow, Wisconsin
Introduction I am a city-country hybrid of a girl who loves an array of things as long as they are affordable, unpretentious, and pretty. I met and married this great guy named Dave and even though we said we would always be dog people we made a little person together. His name will be Conner, due to arrive mid April.
Interests Reading, painting, collecting 1st ed books, politics, music, my puppies Daisy and Dot, museums, my dad's jokes, jewelry, coffee, my FAMILY, gardening, wine, Martinis, singing along, thinking my life has a soundtrack, having creative friends, Photo albums, Hayward, sleeping next to my husband, reading the paper on sunny afternoons (outside... preferably), fashion, succeeding, garden gnomes, great food, pasta, sitting in my garden with a great book, my dogs, and my hubby yo tomo del sol... Open windows in the spring, People telling me I am a nerd, dancing in the moonlight, pillows, those wooden things that slightly resmble people and they teach you how to draw, paintbrushes, standing on a ledge and looking down, the smell of clean laundry, big pieces of jewlery, making my husband laugh, fart jokes, acoustic music, the color green, teddy bears, tiny hearts, trying on underwear, dried flowers, big vases, paper, old wine bottles, straw hats, the farmers market, fresh flowers, tall buildings, black tank tops, 3 pound weights, big blue eyes, hemp anklets, the smell of fresh cut grass, white cotton shirts, lilacs, rainy days, smoked gouda, pearl earrings, purple paint, monarch butterflies, the word "pastry", big buttons, kids camp T shirts, my husband's smile, yarn, wooden lamps, big bowls, cucumbers, lipstick, quilts, loud music, wooden easels, bookmarks, the silent option on cell phones, getting my hands dirty while planting flowers, handpainted furniture, trying on shoes that I can't afford, christmas, my ipod, driving on hot summer nights, the smell of sun in skin, farmland, greece, my brother in law's photography, dark jeans, chicago, music in the morning, making sun tea, SUNSETS!, the jeep cherokee, matches, reading in the park, pillows in my car, hearing my favorite song, knowing the artist, silver hair, bead stores, my husband's hands, handmade get well cards.
Favorite Movies Waynes World, Amelie, Boondock Saints, Loose Change, Big Lebowski, Dirty Dancing, The Princess Bride, High Fidelity, Fire Walk with Me, Wild at Heart, Garden State
Favorite Music spanish guitar, acoustic anything, some great lyrics and anything that souds really great cranked uploud in my car
Favorite Books The Other Boleyn Girl, On Beauty, A Map of the World, Clive Barker anything, Nick Hornby anything