Solidarity & Defense

About me

Location Michigan's Motor Cities, Rustbelt, United States
Introduction We are a small but growing alliance of rank and file militants active in both the workplace and the community. We champion grass-roots organizing, participatory politics, and determined action from below. All around us we are facing what seems like a one-sided assault from the ruling classes and their System: continual war and the restructuring and expansion of capitalism into every corner of life. As the ruling classes forge ahead we suffer cut backs, sellouts, and abandonment of our cities. The results are a deepening of an economic and social crisis. We must resist these attacks and their effects through mass, multi-racial, and popular direct action. This direct action is based on our own initiatives and is outside and against the rule of the State. Workers, students, communities, and the people in the streets must build fronts for class combat. Intra-class competition and the logic of personal satisfaction at the expense of others only reinforces the prevailing logic of the System: the logic of dog-eat-dog. We must instead develop programs aiming for solidarity and renewal of community.