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Introduction After my husband proposed, my mother told him: “I should let you know that Ah Zhen is hopeless at household chores; she can’t cook, she can’t wash and she can’t clean.” Such urgent disparagement of her daughter was my brutally honest mother’s attempt to quash any illusions my husband may have harboured about his then-prospective matrimonial life. My mother was so concerned about my said inadequacies that she repeated this warning to my husband a few times. Despite clear signals that his wife-to-be has the propensity to turn naggy when she grows old, my husband bravely went ahead to marry me, Ah Zhen The Unschooled (In All Matters Relating To Domesticity Management And The Such). Well, the gamble has paid off a bit because I now actually cook. The metamorphosis occurred after I read Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers in 2008. I was taken with the idea that if I devote 10,000 hours of my life to cooking, I would have a fair chance of becoming a consummate cook by the end of this learning marathon. Through this blog, I hope to share with my readers the experiences I go through, the mistakes I make and the knowledge I pick up in my quest to crack cooking. Feed yourself well!