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Location Ferron, Utah, United States
Introduction Lars loves motorcycles, guns, and the great outdoors! Andee love scrapbooking, crafting, and spendin time with the family. Tank is quite the creative guy, he loves to draw and write, and figure out how things work. Kruz is so smart, he loves to do "homework" and is the worlds best helper. Sadee is our princess, she love her brothers, as well as her babies and kitchen. Gunnar and McKabe just arrived in August, we are so excited to get to know them.
Favorite Movies I love watching Cars, Toy Story, and Incredibles, as well as Mulan with the kids. The Notebook is so great, and I love Old School. I love movies in General, so long as it's not Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings Crap. I would rather watch paint dry that any of that stuff.
Favorite Music I am grasping at my youth though music. I love Sirius hits one, and the Pulse, as well as the old rock. But my very favorite music is primary music especially when the kids sing it.
Favorite Books Im not a big reader, but I recommend The Fire and Glory series to EVERYONE. It is a 4 book series written in the late 80's dating back to Joesph Smith time, up to the current time of when the book was written. It is a good series to fill you with the spirit, and remind you although we have hard times ahead of us, it is all worth it.