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Gender MALE
Location Toronto
Introduction After trying probably every trading style known over the last 10 years, I have come to the conclusion that a trend following style works best for me. I was convinced of this through the observation that markets are not random, but tend to move in trends. Also, the works of the brilliant author Michael Covel later helped solidify my ideas. I wholeheartedly recommend giving trend following trading a try, and I hope this blog will help act as a guide. My main goals in creating this blog are: 1) Create a journal of my many stock selections, so that I can become more organized 2) Get into contact with other trend following traders so that ideas can be exchanged 3) Create an archive so that my selections can be evaluated 4) Promote trend following has a valid market strategy Please feel free to contact me at: DannyMerkel@hotmail.com
Interests Chess, Squash, Turtle Trading, Stocks, Trading, Chinese Culture, Chinese Language, Forex, Tennis, Austrian Economics, Sound Money, Technical Analysis, Libertarianism, Anti-Keynesianism, Evolutionary Biology, Atheism, Autodidacticism, Capitalism, Trend Following, Paleo/Primal lifestyle, Charting, Minimalism, Prodigious Savants.
Favorite Books Anything written by:, Michael Covel, Ed Seykota, Jack Schwager, Richard Dennis, William Echardt, Richard Dawkins, Nicolas Darvas, Ron Paul, Milton Friedman, Stan Weinstein, Van Tharp, Mark Douglas, Richard Heinberg, Nassim Taleb, Carl Sagan, Douglas Adams