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Occupation Lifetime observer of horses
Location Millarville, Alberta
Introduction A horse enthusiast from the time I could walk, I have followed them into nearly every type of competition and occupation there is. I have galloped race horses, team roped, barrel raced, rode bucking cows in younger crazier days, ticked off a few miles in competitive trail rides, exercised standardbreds, played around in team penning, competed in cross country eventing, dabbled in hunter/jumper, and coached a lot of riders along the way. After enough years of the competitive world I tried my hand at writing, still about horses of course. Our little book, "Is Your Horse a Rock Star? Understanding your horses Personality" is bouncing its way here and there around the world. Today I own a barn called Liberty Stables outside of Calgary with my husband, Larry and with much help from my business partner Cathy Thomas. For me these days it is all about the relationship with our horse. I am finally aware that they bring us a much bigger gift than prize money and trophies.