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Location A bit north of San Francisco, United States
Introduction I’m a stunning 28 year old red head and an artistic prodigy. Art college gave me a degree after only one class, as they realized there was nothing they could possibly teach me. My independently wealthy husband and I summer at our chateau in France, where Europe’s elite mud wrestle for scarce tickets to my annual show and sale of my newest work. We regularly dine with Hollywood’s BBRRRRNNNGGGG!!!!! Stupid alarm clock!!! I was having such a nice dream……*le sigh* I’m 51, am a redhead whenever that happens to be the color in the box from the drug store, and live near San Francisco with a husband, a dog, and a cat. I started taking metalsmithing classes at the local community college about…. HEY!!! Don’t wander off. You wanted to read my profile, stay and read it!!! …about 7 years ago. Thanks to the wonder of satellite television, we seasonally worship at the alters of Foxborough and Fenway. I do computer work part time for a nameless big corporation.