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Gender Female
Location Los Angeles, CA, United States
Introduction At 13, Tiffany’s parents decided she needed a job, so she went to work at the local vet’s office. She was immediately traumatized by having to hold puppies down while their tails were lobbed off. This, coupled with the insidious offers of neck and back massages from the owner caused her to quit this job sooner rather than later. Her next job was managing a retail store called “Image.” After more sexual harassment and the steady stench of the stinkiest food she had ever smelled wafting out of the break area, Tiffany quit and focused on being a high school kid. After graduating high school, she studied at FJC before deciding on Psych at UCSB. It was during the Fullerton years that she began her wild and often disturbing job at a well known lingerie store. A store that will not be named in this blog, but has been dubbed “Tiffany’s Epiphany,” for the sake of anonymity and to avoid law suits. This job followed her from Santa Ana, to Santa Barbara, Ventura, Beverly Hills, and Westwood. Tiffany has finally escaped retail’s evil clutches and now lives in LA with her amazing magician husband, Matt Marcy ( They enjoy BBQing, entertaining, traveling, and sexting.
Interests Check out my husband's website: for a magical experience!