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Introduction In Sept. ’09 I felt God calling me to International Mission Work. After an amazing learning process I found my 1st step into that calling: going to the Harvest Missions School in Mozambique, started by Heidi & Rolland Baker. I can’t stress enough the pivotal role this school played in my life,and how masterfully God put things into place for me to know I was supposed to go there, and to be able to. Once there, I saw all the ways God had been preparing me my whole life (especially the 6 months before) for “such a time as this”. For a season I was being faithful with the small things in TN., and am now living in the fruit of that and have been given the desires of my heart!: I am a full-time Iris missionary on the Pemba base in Mozambique! I am working with widows and abandoned women as a Jewelry Making instructor in a Micro-business project. It's an amazing blend of my skills and passions hallelujah! Feel free to keep up to date with life in Pemba!
Interests I am Tetra! And this is a little place for me to try, in a fairly unorganized and uncoordinated way, to share bits of my heart, thoughts, experiences, and adventures in hopes that it will stir up a passion and desire in you for more of God and his love, joy, power, and excitement than what our perceptions tells us exists!! All who are thirsty come and drink – may the river of life fill you as you hear about the faithfulness of God to me and to beautiful people around this amazing world. Forgive me if my words can’t always catch up with my experiences and the fervor behind them; if I could only just share a little bit of what I feel in regard to everything God has been doing in my life over the last year and a half, then I would bottle it for you instead, and share that way. My best options is to use words, which I am unfortunately no master of. An update as to the main premise of this blog is this: