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Introduction I don't write reviews, so don’t ask:)) I can however feature your album if it fits the theme of this blog and was released no more than 8 months ago (or is to be released in the near but definite future). Send me all the info on the release (cover art, artist, title, genre(s), label, formats, tracklist, line-up, links to samples/streaming, reviews, artist’s web sites) and especially the release date/month so that I know where to put the album in the schedule. If there is no review, you can add your own description or press-release. If your album is older than 8 month I still can post about it, but I just won’t put it on ‘Recent additions’ list. I publish information only about new studio albums (or EPs) - no singles, reissues, remixes, remasters, live albums, compiliations. I do however accept compiliation of the new songs or covers by various artists.