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Location Alexandria, VA, United States
Introduction i consider myself a connoisseur of television. i like to knit. i'm a well-versed internet stalker. i bother my hubs, jack. i miss my friends. i read books about vampires, witches, fairies, shadowhunters, time travelers, and kick-ass ladies. i read books written for teenagers. i claim it's for research, but it's really because i like it. i drink 2 liters of water a day. i think about where i wanna move. i judge. i sing to myself. i sing in the shower. i sing in the car. i sing a LOT. i roll my eyes. i write reviews for wastepaper prose. i dream of writing in general. DFTBA.
Interests writing, TV, knitting, pop culture, movies, music, reading, talking, laughing, eating, sleeping, friends, family, and jack.
Favorite Movies kevin smith films, star wars!, spaceballs, harry potter, high fidelity, better off dead, say anything, america's sweethearts, x-men, west side story, et, singin' in the rain, amelie, the godfather, grosse pointe blank, josie and the pussycats, can't hardly wait, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, most anything that's 80's and cheesy, the whole 9 yards, fred and ginger movies, pirates of the caribbean, raiders of the lost ark, memento, chinatown, monty python & the holy grail, kill bill 1&2, the princess bride, young frankenstein, it happened one night, the graduate, back to the future 1 &; 2(but not 3), shrek, big fish, sideways, ed wood, hocus pocus, pride & prejudice, juno, atonement, once, forgetting sarah marshall, (500) days of summer
Favorite Music paramore, she & him, metric, ben folds (five and solo), coheed and cambria, ani difranco, dar williams, fall out boy, the cure, the postal service, rooney, something corporate, billy joel, the beatles, save ferris, eisley, tori amos, david bowie, weezer, simon and garfunkel, kenny loggins, taylor swift, yellowcard, tenacious d, radiohead, the get up kids, saves the day, the cars, reggie and the full effect, ok go, the smiths/morrissey, longwave, steve burns, jimmy eat world, the sad lives of the hollywood lovers, onelinedrawing, the starting line, hot hot heat, junior senior, depeche mode, damien rice, jem, carole king, bouncing souls, coldplay, dashboard confessional, motion city soundtrack, mae, the format, goldfinger, hot hot heat, le tigre, our lady peace, phantom planet, johnny cash, death cab for cutie, the rentals, smashing pumpkins (with james iha & d'arcy), ingrid michaelson, the pipettes, kate nash, the swell season, and other new wave & hipster things.
Favorite Books harry potter, hunger games, mortal instruments, infernal devices, anna and the french kiss, divergent, twilight, sookie stackhouse, caster chronicles, stephanie plum, love is a mixtape

Chicken monkey shoes?

this sounds like something my brother would ask me... which is weird, since he's older than i am.