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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Priest
Location England, United Kingdom
Introduction I've been serving children in crisis for over twenty five years. My goals are not to raise money, but to find organisations and individuals who can help change lives! What may be outdated equipment for you could change the life of a child in Eastern Europe! To learn more please visit our site at: www.ProjectNewLife.org
Interests Hi Friend! I’m an Anglican parish priest living on the magnificent southern Sussex coast of England. Whether it’s the Battle of Hastings in 1066 country, the Roman Saxon fortress of Pevensey Castle, or one of Britain’s most haunted locations - Michelham Priory, my two children and I are surrounded by castles, history, and a few errant ghosts. I’m also the Anglican chaplain to the countries of Moldova and Romania, where my mission supports victims of child-trafficking and children in crisis. If you would care to learn more please visit: http://www.ProjectNewLife.org Or visit my private diary at: http://www.BigWorldSmallBoat.blogspot.com, I extend my most humble gratitude to all of you who have contributed in guiding me through my culinary disasters. Cooking is an escape for me and it’s a powerful way to say to my children “I Love You.” Your cooking advice is helping to dispel rumours that we are running a clandestine crematory in our home!, My favourite things to cook: Having lived all over the world, we have diverse tastes. My daughter and I enjoy chicken dishes and occasionally vegetarian ideas. My son is a rather strict carnivore, preferring traditional English roasts. And as with most male teenagers, rather than china and silverware, I suspect he would be just as content being fed from a low trough! (but he’s still lovely – the scallywag!) We have a fondness for Hungarian, Moldovan and Western Romanian dishes as well as some northern Italian and Middle Eastern meals. And there's nothing like a good old Australian Barbecue! But without a doubt our favourite dishes are either 'low country French' or foods from the deep south of the United States! I remember once being told that the secret ingredient to all Southern cooking was a heaping portion of Love! Indeed Y’all! A perfect ingredient to any recipe in life!