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Gender MALE
Location Delaware, United States
Interests Delaware, booze, leather, boots, books, literature, men's clothes, money, Tiajuana, comic books, bicycles, film noir, crime noir, tattoos, blue hens, bloody noses, tapioca pudding, fitness, Elvis, Pittsburgh Pirates, shoe fetish, Goon, zombies, bow ties, brooks brothers, ben sherman, Marx Brothers, bowties, wing tips, martini, whiskey, ireland, scotland, cigars, Sean Connery, the use of lascivious in a sentence, Shoe Fetish
Favorite Movies The Natural, Jaws, Pulp Fiction, Millers Crossing, High Plains Drifter, Let the Right One In, Runaway Train, Inglorious basterds, Pulp Fiction, The Quiet Man, Asphalt Jungle, Stray Dog, The Killing, Fargo, Dazed and Confused, Reservoir Dogs, Accidental tourist, Goldfinger
Favorite Music jazz, Melvins, Vampire Weekend, Morrissey, Modest Mouse, Interpol, Tragically Hip, Sade, New Order, Joy Division, Tiger Army, Rancid, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, elvis
Favorite Books The Great Gatsby, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, LA Confidential, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Road, On The Road, White Jazz, trainspotting

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