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Gender Male
Occupation Ruining it for everybody
Location Boston, United States
Introduction For the record, I have not only lost my ability to take a joke, but I can also no longer sense danger, communicate with sea animals, see through walls, transform myself into a bucket of water or block of ice, burn a batter's bat to ashes with my fastball, fly an invisible plane, nor start fires and cause seismic waves using only mind control.
Interests Anything that'll piss off whitey.
Favorite Music Bands:, Nig Heist, Deep Wound, Nip Drivers, Todlachen, Vatican Commandos, Man-Sized Action, Thrown Ups, Iron Cross, Reflex From Pain, Impact Unit, Agnostic Front, Deathwish, Rights of the Accused, Negative Approach, Rifle Sport, Prisonshake, Drunks With Guns, All White Jury, Envelope, Cock Sparrer, Cro-Mags, Fatal Vision
Favorite Books The kind that are just the right thickness to keep the dining room table level.

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

Obnoxious little fucker, aren't you?