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Industry Arts
Occupation Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Location San Luis Obispo, California, United States
Introduction Hi, my name is Kayla. I was born and raised on the Central Coast of California. I grew up drawing and sketching with my best friend. We drew all the time after school, during school, on the weekends, in chalk, with colored pencils, using bubble gum. When we drew people, it took us awhile to realize why they looked funny...they had no chins.

Here are some other tidbits about me...

I like soy chai lattes, but I am super picky about them.

I could never give up bread.

Ditto for dairy.

I love downhill mountain biking.

I think growing my own fruit and veggies is the best thing ever.

If I could, I would be a professional student. I heart you, French classes!

I am easily distracted by Facebook, Twitter, etc. Rrrr...

I am a one woman show. Yep, I don't sleep a whole lot.

One of the best things I ever made was a book of monsters illustrated (and acted out) by my sister and I when I was maybe 8. I still have it.

I love it when my work makes others smile.