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Interests In Feb 2006 someone pulled out in front of me. I did not have my seatbelt on. The impact slammed me into the steering wheel and the rest was just a spinning, glass shattering blur. I do remember the med flight ride ( would love to reconnect). I also knew it was bad. I was on the ER table being prepped, and like I said I knew through each strained gurgling breath that this was my fate. I hurt for my babies then 2 and 5, and I watched a troubled life with SO many mistakes flash before me. I then said a prayer for my babies and my family. What I did next was except whole heartedly that this life was done. And this girl who had not lived any where near a godly life, started a conversation with God.. I only had time to say one thing..., I didn't make deals, I didn't ask for forgiveness. I simply said, I am sorry. I them told the nurse I was sleepy and she told me If I slept, I wouldn't wake up. I heard the machine flat line, saw the nurse slap a red button and scream they were losing me. And they did, several times. A ruptured heart, one failed lung, and the other collapsed, I lay in a coma. As the story goes, the family was called in several times but, I continued on. Weeks later they brought me out of the coma and off the respirator. I have since spent these years recovering. GRACE IS THAT HE FORGAVE ME! Grace is that I get to raise my kids. Grace is that I met my soul mate. Grace is that God loved me then and loves me still! Grace is that I get to live a life, my life and I get to pay it forward.