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Introduction Welcome to Hawkworld, the largest group of Hawkfans in the world! Since I started Hawkworld in 2016, the fans groups on Facebook (11000+ members), Instagram (1700+ followers), and Threads (800+ followers), have continued to grow. Since opening the Hawkworld blog, the site has received over a quarter of a million views. The goal for this blog is to keep Hawkfans informed about the current activities of Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and Hawkgirl, as well as information about their 80+-year history. You will find news, lists of comics, trades, collections, TV appearances and Hawk-trivia. Among the members and followers of Hawkworld, there are over 150 writers, artists, editors, and other creators of the Hawks! I’ve been a DC Comics and Hawkman fan since 1977. I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida but I have been living in Japan since 1991. Hawkworld has grown bigger than I ever imagined it would. Come join us to follow the Winged Wonders of the DC Universe!