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Introduction Hello! I am Michelle. Jstmel is my online nickname that is comprised of two nicknames. I used to chat a lot in Yahoo Chat. I won’t go into detail about the chat name I had, but it began with 'Jst'. 'Mel' is a nickname I use in real life. I got it as a fluke. A former fellow employee called out, “Hey Mel, bring me...”. When asked who she wanted she stated she meant to say my name but was reading something when she called out. For whatever reason, she said ‘Mel’. We laughed about it and every now and then they'd call me Mel as a joke. The job I had after that had a Michelle working there. I said, “Just call me Mel”. It stuck. I've gone by Mel ever since. MoMaR stands for ‘Mind of Matter and Ramblings’. Here you will be exposed to the random, and sometimes bizarre, thoughts that go on in my head. Or, I’ll be “rambling” about the “matter” in my “mind”. I live in Florida with my partner of 10 years, who will be referred to as Dharm. I have been playing World of Warcraft for a little over 6 years. I have played other games, but none of them held my interest for very long. Most of my posts here will have something to do with WoW, but I may throw out a few off-topic ones.