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Industry Publishing
Occupation Associate Editor of Blood and Gore (but not the fun horror movie corn syrup kind).
Location Brooklyn, New York, United States
Introduction 1. A desirable calamity 2. A domestic danger 3. A delectable detriment

[Three awesome descriptors for a woman I read in the Malleus Maleficarum (a.k.a the Witch Hammer, a.k.a. the handbook to the Inquisition). I'll let you decide which one suits me best.]
Interests Crosswords, whiskey, people-watching, and listening to nerdy history podcasts on my big headphones on the train.
Favorite Movies Let's hang out on my couch and watch Clue again.
Favorite Music Let's hang out on my couch and listen to the Replacements some more.
Favorite Books Let's hang out while you do my dishes and I read whatever heavy thing is currently taking up too much room in my purse.