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Gender Male
Occupation Not Specified
Location Chatswood, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Introduction I run a message board for fun and play on my computer which is for me a tool and a communication device. I do not work since I went mad and swore off aiding the capitalists in their evil quests. Fuck Them!! I try to be a nice man and hope other would try also. Women should run the world; men are too crazy.
Interests almost anything, human behavior, science, art, earth, space, cosmology, animals esp. doggies, music (most genres) esp. classic and dance-party, men, women but not that way..., internet, design, politics, theology as interest ONLY, supernatural crap, Tarot cards, animal rights, human rights too, reason and fairness, gay stuff, blah blah... Oh - and men (purely physically you understand except for my boyfriend that is), etc.
Favorite Movies I don't have favourites in case it causes jealousy amongst the movies.
Favorite Music Ludwig van Beethoven, the other music can go green with jealousy - see if I care.
Favorite Books I do not read fiction. Ever.

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

Remove head, place in spin dryer, spin - OH!! no, wait. (oops) Tip head over, bang head with hand until water drains out or knocks self out. Water evaporates during unconsciousness. Plug ear to prevent recurrence.