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Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Occupation Student, Blogger, Co-Graphic & Web Designer
Location Jansi Street, Poudre D'or Hamlet, Riviere Du Rempart \ Goodlands, Mauritius
Introduction Hi there, I’m Nirvanknight, a 16 year old fellow from Mauritius, passionate of Web Designing, Blogging, Graphic Design & Wordpress themes customisation. I am in reality a student at PSC [Piton State College] in Mauritius and ‘devotee” of the web. I love Rock, Techno-Trance music as well as soft music and my favorite band is Paramore! I can talk English, French, Creole, and PHP, HTML, shortly Joomla. In fact I am on the web since the age of 12 with little knowledge of computers and the biosphere of internet. Moreover, I continued to learn furthermore about to attain an upper level. I am the founder of ‘Knight Nirvan Blog’, in addition in chief editor of this blog. On my personal website you will find my personal portfolio, my works, pictures, my designs and all about me and my life.
Interests Blogging Wordpress.Org Aeronautic and Aerospace CraZy Invention Playstation Football Programming Climbing Nitrous & Sport Cars
Favorite Movies D.O.A Pirates of the Caribbean13 The fast & furious1, 2 2 fast 2 Furious Mission impossible 1, 2, 3 Harry potter 17 PRISON BREAK James Bond Fast & Furious 4 Iron Man The Dark Knight Surveillance Bachelor Party 2 The Last Temptation The Casino Job Resident Evil Resident Evil Apocalypse Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels Cube 2: Hypercube 2002 Paul Blart Mall Cop Flyboys Back to the Future Part III Back to the Future Part II Back To The Future Trilogy 1 Hit and Run Meteor Path To Destruction DragonBall Evolution American High School American High School The Inauguration Of Barack Obama The.Burrowers xXx State of the Union xXx 2002 Directors Cut The Unborn Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective Slumdog Millionaire Palo Pinto Gold 10000 BC Seven Pounds The Da Vinci Code Angel & Demons G.I Joe Rise of the Cobra Transformers 1 Transformers ROTF
Favorite Music Benny Bennasi Linkin Park The Rasmus Sex Pistol Metallica Bollywood Music The Cranberries Green Day Arabian Chillout The American Idiots Led Zeppelin The Beatles Nirvana Bon Jovi Brother and the Holding Company Primus Van Halen The Eagles Transformers 1, 2 By Steve Jablonsky Paramore
Favorite Books Digital Fortress Angels & Demons Da Vinci Code Deception Point Tin-Tin Titeuf Science fiction Books!! The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Carrie The Shining The Stand Christine Needful Things Rose Madder The Dark Tower The Gunslinger The Drawing of the Three Skeleton Crew