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Introduction Hi & welcome - This started off as a private blog for Gigi, so she could get regular photos of the kids, but the family hated the passwords so I took down the barbed wire. Then I highjacked the space with my late night muttering, but left it un-searchable…. Though I eventually conceded that point too because, as it turns out, random comments extolling the sheer adorableness of my babies and the genius of my (admittedly terrible) haikus make me HAPPY. Though it still feels like the front door is open & the dogs are locked up. Which is formal notice anyone not playing nice will be given a time out. We have two kids – one with excessive dimples and one with an extra chromosome – and three dogs, which is three too many if you ask my husband. Though we’re fine with the third 21st gene. We had a third baby too, our first, but he was stillborn. Which was devasting – but we’re happy anyway. Oh! And we have email now, just like real bloggers: krlrtrialrun at gmail